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Here,( You Find Hundreds Of Books & Articles On different Islamic Sects/Community, We Tried To Add The Best Books Ranging From a Variety Of Subjects On Various Creed Like..... History, Beliefs, Laws, Fiqah, Haidait, etc to do comparative study. 


We Do Believe That These Books Will Help You To Find The Right Answers Regarding The Religious, Social, Political, Economical & Personal Issues Which Raise Questions In The Mind To Be Answered.

Notes: Please note as these books are written by fallible writers therefore do not take these books as the last word .... whenever you are in the state of doubt, rather believing blindly, try to judge according to the given facts in comparison with the teachings of Quran & Teachings of Ahl-e-Bait (A.S) .......... May God Bless You All ..


“All the Books posted here are only for Reference and Academic functions solely without any commercial and monetary intent. If you actually love books please support the Writers/Poets/Publishers and get the initial laborious copies from the book seller of your native market”.


In addition to Books, valuable MP3 religious lectures and Videos are also furnished on this web site for easy download at one place.

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